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Flowers & Fashion

Rare and unique books showcasing where botanical beauty and timeless style intertwine.

1847 - Les Fleurs Animees

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Illustrated By J.J. Grandville Introduction By Alph. Karr Text By Taxile DeLord Published 1847Gabriel De Gonet, Editeurs/ Paris Text in French Two Volumes Bound in One/ Complete "Les Fleurs Animées"...

1846 - The Bouquet: Containing The Poetry and Language of Flowers (miniature book)

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By A Lady Published 1846Benjamin B. Mussey, Publisher/ Boston Nineteenth-century miniature books reflect the era's intricate craftsmanship and the burgeoning interest in creating portable, aesthetically pleasing volumes. These tiny books,...

1861 - Beautes du Spectacle de la Nature ou Entretiens sur L’Histoire Naturelle

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Title translation: Beauties of the Spectacle of Nature or Conversations on Natural History Published 1861Mame, Publishers/ Tours, France In the 19th century, France witnessed a remarkable era of artistic and...

c.1880 - French Monogram Album


c.1880 A 19th century monogram book from France which reflects the period’s fascination with art, design, and personal branding. Books, like these, showcased intricate and elegant designs, demonstrating the artistry...

1854 - Lady’s Godey’s Book


Published 1854 January-June 1854 issues bound within this one volume Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book, was a pioneering American women's magazine published from 1830 to 1878. Founded by Louis A....

1844 - Friendship’s Offering of Sentiment and Mirth (With Painted Fore-Edge)

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Published 1844Smith, Elder and Co., Publishers/ London A painted fore-edge on a 19th-century book is a captivating feature that adds an element of surprise and artistry to the volume. These...

1894 - Wild Flowers Worth Notice; A Selection of Some of our Native Plants Which are Most Attractive From Their Beauty, Uses, or Associations

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By Mrs. Lancaster Published Undated, c.1894 ( inscription dated as such) W.H. Allen and Co., Limited, Publisher/. London With 108 Coloured FiguresFrom Drawings By J. E. Sowerby New Edition Illustrated...

c.1859 - The Country Year Book: Descriptive of the Seasons, Rural Scenes and Rustic Amusements; Birds, Insects, and Quadrupeds

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By Thomas Miller Undated, c.1859 (noted on inscription) With One Hundred and Forty Illustrations, Engraved on Wood By Henry Vizetelly, and Others. "The Country Year Book” is a compendium capturing...

1842 - Langage Des Fleurs


By M. Aime Martin Published 1842Societe Typographique Belge/ Bruxelles Twelfth Edition French Text "Le Langage des Fleurs" by Aimé Martin, first published in the early 19th century, is a seminal work...

1880 - Practical Cammelia Culture: A Treatise on the Propagation and Culture of the Cammelia Japonica


By Robert J. Halliday Published 1880Robert Halliday, Publisher "Practical Camellia Culture: A Treatise on the Propagation and Culture of the Camellia Japonica" is a valuable resource for enthusiasts and horticulturists...

1893 - A Sewing Book For Schools; With Models and Directions as to Sketches, Materials and Methods


By Mary Schenck Woolman Published 1893Mary Schenck Woolman, Publisher An instructional guide designed to teach sewing skills to students. This comprehensive book provides step-by-step instructions, detailed sketches, actual small scale...

c.1853 - Flowers From Foreign Lands; Their History and Botany


By Robert Tyas Undated, c.1853Houston and Wright, Publishers/ London Hardcover. Full leather binding. Beautiful gilt detail/tooling to both boards/spine. Both front and back boards with same gilt illustration/detail. Gilt to...

1850 - The Rose of Sharon; or Gems of Sacred Poetry (miniature book)


Published 1850James M. Alden, Publisher Sixth Edition Nineteenth-century miniature books reflect the era's intricate craftsmanship and the burgeoning interest in creating portable, aesthetically pleasing volumes. These tiny books, often measuring...

c.1829 - Le Langage Des Fleurs


By Charlotte de Latour Undated c.1829 (inscription date)Audot, Librairie Rue des Masons Sorbonne/ Paris Second Edition "Le Langage des Fleurs" is a classic 19th-century French book that delves into the...

Antique Herbarium


This herbarium is a collection 43 individual beautiful plant specimens pressed and mounted onto individual sheets of paper. Note: a few pages with some damage to pressed specimens. With patina...

1847 - The Floricultural Cabinet, and Florists’ Magazine, January to December


Published 1847Whittaker and Co., Publishers/ London Volume XV "The Floricultural Cabinet, and Florists’ Magazine" was a prominent 19th-century British periodical dedicated to horticulture, particularly focusing on ornamental gardening and floriculture....