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Posted by Pattie Kiesow on

Do a search for "Lorem ipsum" on the internet, is it a surprise that hundreds of thousands of results are returned. There are a few reasons for this, when you consider that most of the websites listed in the search results contain "lorem ipsum" for no specific purpose:

Reason 1 - Some html or web editors on the market allow users to create a web page and automatically inserts Lorem ipsum text as a place holder, the users leave this text in.

Reason 2 - Similar to reason 1, there is a word processing or dtp application on the market that allows the users to create websites and also contains default lorem ipsum filler text. (eg Aldus Pagemaker)

Reason 3 - Internet hosts provide default websites for their customers which contain Lorem Ipsum text.

Reason 4 - People use Lorem Ipsum text on their web sites and forget to delete the text or have their websites indexed by search engines before the blind text is removed.

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